December 2006 - New Creations Ranch begins to take shape!

Well here it is December, and its been way too long since we let our friends know about all the exciting things God has been doing at Wings Of Love Ministry. Our plans for the new property are beginning to take shape. There have been some exciting donations including a steel cable corral, a shelter for our vehicles, and two beautiful horses. We are very excited to see God moving so quickly to develop this part of our Ministry expansion. The problem now is moving these items to the ranch. We are now making plans on how to accomplish this, and how to raise the funds to complete the move and installation of all this new stuff. In addition there has been a donation of an older model motor home in excellent condition!



Steel Cable Corral and shelter building awaiting disassembly and move to our property


There have been a few interesting events that have temporarily distracted us from our Ministry focus but we see the hand of God in these things so we praise him for it. The first unexpected event was that on September 1 we received an emergency request from the Friend Ships Ministry for Mike to join the crew of the “Spirit of Grace” ship on their voyage to Israel . It was a difficult decision to take time from our ministry during these exciting times, but we felt God leading us to support Friend Ships for this crucial mission. The voyage was exciting and successful and Mike passes along his recommendation to all that a trip to Israel will be an important event in one's life. While in Israel Mike met evangelist Christine Darg who is doing some wonderful work in the city of Jerusalem . She is putting on a conference in early in January called “Women on the wall” in which Christian women will meet and pray a long the walls of the ancient city of Jerusalem . Mike, Susan and Heather hope to be in Jerusalem at this important time God willing and subject to his provision. We would like to invite other women, along with men and families who would like to join us for what we believe could be a very special experience, contact us for more information.

The second interesting event was that our main puller truck was stolen, and then recovered with considerable damage. We are praising God for the return of the (still operational) truck, as well as praying for the perpetrators who are known to the authorities. Sadly, since the truck was not in use at the time we had cancelled the insurance, with the intent of saving badly needed funds, and thinking that living so far out in the desert would preclude this sort of event. We feel we need to repent and apologize to our donors for this lapse of stewardship, and we want all to know that this error in judgment will not be repeated .

Kids on our bus for Neighborhood Ministries “Lake Day”

In the midst of all of this our ministry has been blessed to be able to support several ministries serving kids this summer and fall, including Neighborhood ministries, Mentor Kids USA, Cross bar X youth ranch, and Liberty house, a home for youth at risk. We are continuing to expand our ministry in this area, including transporting inner city youth in Phoenix to the Monday night programs of Neighborhood ministries.

The very latest news is that we have been blessed with an abundance of free food by local grocery stores and we are now offering this divine provision
to local churches so that they may reach out to the needy in the name of Jesus. This exciting development is what we hope is only the beginning of working with local churches to reach out to the local community on many levels.

To sum up we are very excited about what God has been doing in our ministry, but we need to seek additional resources if we are to achieve the God has put before us. We are in the process of creating a ministry center here in Maricopa to serve youth at risk, as well as looking ahead concerning the longer term vision of putting aircraft into operation for the Lord world wide. In order to achieve these goals we will need volunteers of all sorts to help us drive, build, and work our way forward, so if anyone knows of persons interested in long or short term ministry opportunities, we have an abundance!

Praising the Lord for Day 1 of the Wings Of Love Maricopa Area Food Bank

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