Disaster Response Preparations 2007

To: Whom it may concern                                                                                                  July 6, 2007

Re: Disaster response preparations for the upcoming hurricane season

This letter is an appeal for help from us at Wings Of Love Ministry regarding preparations for the peak of the 2007 hurricane season which has now already started.  Our experience (and the experience of other disaster response organizations) is that when a storm or other contingency arises it is no problem to raise funds and call for volunteers, however when there is no current disaster it is much more difficult.  The problem is that we need funding and work done now in order to be prepared for a rapid deployment, and thus the need for this letter.

Our vehicles and mobile kitchen are in sufficiently good mechanical condition to deploy immediately, however there is a problem.  Due to lack of funding they cannot go anywhere as they are currently un-insured.  We need to raise between $3,000 and $6,000 by August 1st in order to have the insurance in place so that a quick deployment is possible.  In addition there are a few somewhat more minor projects that we would like to do on the kitchen, including installing the hand washing station more permanently and screening in the windows to comply with health regulations.  In the "wish list" category we would like to do some additional work on some of our vehicles and we would like to purchase a large tent ($10,000) to be used as a dining hall and shelter.

We are praying that there are churches, individuals and organizations out there that will feel the calling of God to see us as a worthwhile investment in his kingdom.  Please do pray about helping us to prepare for this season which is fraught with both peril and spiritual opportunity.

I have attached a copy of a document that details our highest priority items.

By the way, if any individuals or organizations that receive this letter feel called as we do to prepare for a possible disaster response this year, please feel free to contact us regarding pre-arranging volunteer opportunities with our ministry.  There are usually places for every sort of volunteer including (but not limited to) drivers, cooks, youth teams, helpers of all kinds, evangelists, performers, worship teams, medical personnel, construction professionals, fund raisers and prayer warriors.

Finally we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your help and prayers, many thanks indeed!

Mike Clow, Director

Wings Of Love Ministry

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