Disaster Preparedness & Response



Disaster response is an important part of what we do at Wings Of Love Ministry. We believe that a time of disaster is both a call to action and a great spiritual opportunity, since many who have not known God will reach out to Him at times of tragedy, loss and stress. For this reason we have aquired the vehicles to form a disaster response convoy, which currently includes a large kitchen on wheels, several cargo trailers, a water truck, several travel trailers and a motor home for crew housing. Because we are a small organization we can very quickly deploy our convoy to the site of disasters nation wide, often in a shorter time than response teams from larger organizations.

Our mobile kitchen cooking meals for residents and aid workers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Our ministry responded to all of the hurricanes of 2005, including 7 months in New Orleans, cooking nearly 200,000 meals at no charge. We also responded in Lake Charles LA for two weeks following hurricane Rita, and we supported the Friend Ships ministry in their response to hurricane Wilma.


Hurricane Rita Cleanup Efforts

We are currently hoping to improve our response capacity by adding equipment and personnel to our convoy. In addition we are seeking volunteers who wish to train and be available for short or long term disaster response teams, as well as volunteers to help us maintain our equipment during the times prior to deployment.


Thanksgiving Dinner 2005, New Orleans


In addition to being in a position to respond to disaster nationwide we are also involved in Disaster preparedness efforts, particulalry at the local church level. We believe that the best time to respond to a disaster is before it happens, and with this in mind we want to help churches and other concerned organizations prepare for disasters both in their own community and around the nation.