Urgent Need For Disaster Response!

Well, we had just returned from a wonderful mission to Haiti , and were still trying to catch our breath when word came of one of the biggest disasters in our country's history, Hurricane Katrina. As you all know Katrina has left hundreds dead and many tens (or possibly even hundreds) of thousands homeless. This means that one of the biggest disaster responses in history is being mounted, and at Wings Of Love Ministry we feel called to help with our mobile kitchen.

This means that we are going to be praying for support from many persons and organizations to allow us to purchase diesel fuel, along with various kitchen utensils. In addition we also intend to ask restaurant supply houses to donate utensils and other equipment. We will also need prayer that God would lead us to the right agency to help us deploy this unit, one that can provide the food and water and other support that will make this a successful mission.


Our Mobile Kitchen being cleaned

We intend to head east within the next few days, so if you can help please send funding as soon as possible. May the Lord reward you for whatever you can give at this time of great need!


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