Images From New Orleans & Lake Charles

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The Friend Ships "Hope" and "Mersea" docked at New Orleans and a meal from our kitchen!


Allan McCollom unloading cargo from the deck, and storing donated food in a refrigerated container

Burks delivering cleaning kits to local neighborhood , Mike handling dock lines on the "Mersea".

God's commandment with ruined superdome looming in background.

Street Scenes in New Orleans.

Boat trying to be a car, and a car that could not be a boat! (note water marks to roof level).

Roof tarping crew heading out, and an oil rig wrecked by loose crane barge. (note entangled crane)


Cooking and helicopter landing on the "Hope" (USS Iwo Jima in background)



Kia dealership and a message from a shop owner.

Building in New Orleans, deckhand from A.L.E.R.T. unloading cargo w/ NO in background

Heather Smith on Mississippi en route to New Orleans and a puppy rescued during Hurricane Rita

Cooking and a street scene in Lake Charles after Hurricane Rita

House in Lake Charles after Hurricane Rta

Jonathan Sloma cutting vinyl for roof repair with our trailer in background - Lake Charles

Elderly woman's home in Lake Charles prior to cleanup.

Cleanup underway!

The tree is gone, the job is done!

Lake Charles resident reading from the book of Job to put his experiences in perspective


The team in "the jungle", a disabled woman's back yard in Lake Charles.

Surveying residents and delivering supplies in Gretna Louisiana

450 peanut butter sandwiches in 45 minutes!

A van left on a fence by floodwaters and a ruined Subway Restaurant interior, the mud on the floor is dried sewage.

This house floated into the street, half of it was demolished to clear the street, the other half remains. This type of sight is not very uncommon in the 9th ward.

Incredibly, this house was turned on its side by floodwaters, this is a view of the house bottom.


A collapsed house in the 9th ward.


Our team looks inside a ruined church at mold, mud, ruined furnishings and carpet

A mural in the same church, notice the mold marking the high water line, and the chair tangled in the ruined video camera

An empty neighborhood, abandoned houses, ruined cars.

More of the same neighborhood, everything in the pictures was submerged and is completely ruined.

A removed roof and Hot Meal Distribution in City Park.

Block destroyed by fire during flood.

Abandoned bus. A common sight due to courageous bus drivers keeping their rigs running till they stalled, trying to evacuate residents.

Moldy, muddy, ruined mass inside church.

Helen WhiteEagle looks into a house with search markings.

Dog food is often left out to feed lost Pets.

Collapsed house wreckage with city skyline in background

Impromptu memorial for fatalities in 9th ward.

Delivering supplies to residents of Gretna, LA.

Mobile homes damaged by Hurricane Wilma in Belle Glade, Florida

Feeding Ministry at Hurricane Wilma aftermath

A good hot dog. (it was his fifth!)


Mike Clow gets extra volunteers at dishwashing, and cutting tomatoes with a smile!

Disabled People eating and some tough customers in Belle Glade Florida


Our Hot Dog production line and lunch time in Belle Glade.

Bus and house entangled with another house near 17th street breach, New Orleans.

A house on the corner, note that this house was not built on this corner.

Car On Tree

Car in tree

Cleanup team heads out.

Loading up children's clothes for distribution downtown.

Flooded house near London Canal breach.

Front yards.

Yard Sale

Truck in mud

At the breach.

A pile of yachts.

New Orleans graffiti.


Dinner line at the “Jesus Cares And So Do We” distribution center in City Park , New Orleans


ScoobeeDo toy in a flood damaged house. Most homes were not insured for flooding, so it is possible that no one will ever return.


Our wonderful new tent at the “Good News” camp in City Park , New Orleans

Chef Sean proudly showing his turkey frying technique, while Ricky stirs potatoes & dinner is served.

Pastor Tim Grisham says, "is it done yet?" & working in the "Good News Store"

Thanksgiving at the Good News camp & Thanksgiving on the streets (there are less than 100 shelter beds in New Orleans today)

Emily Gunkelman and a new friend & Heather Smith and two new friends.

Chef Sean and Maleek, who now is in possession of his camp name badge, & sitrring apples on Thanksgiving.


Cutting Butter in the kitchen during spring break, and a Y.W.A.M dance team from Hawaii


Handing out school supplies and a view of the Good News Market, stocked with supplies to give to returning residents

Some current views of the lower 9th ward

Homeowner and a typical interior view of homes in St Bernard

Stairs to nowhere and Treasured Memories, left in the trash.

Here are some photos from New Orleans which each seem to pose a question for all to consider;


Where is your treasure, and who provides your security?

What is your foundation?

Amber looks into a ruined house and Bob hard at work in the kitchen.

Brady smiling and Burgers on the barbie.

Campus Cruade team serves lunch and a chair left in tree by flood.

Debris left on roof by flood, sign on a local church.

The Good News Market and Melia & staff cooking.


The following photos are from the lower 9th ward during March of 2006;




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