Mission to Haiti 2006

Haiti is a land known far and wide as a land of tragedy, a land of suffering, a land of chaos. We have found that there is another side to Haiti , a side that we want to celebrate and support. We are referring to courageous and dedicated workers, both Haitian and from abroad, who have committed themselves to spreading the gospel and helping the people of Haiti . In recent years the results have become more and more apparent even though Haiti remains a land in extreme difficulty. We at Wings Of Love are interested in identifying and supporting such people, and therefore we are currently planning a trip to Haiti from June 5 to 17 th of 2006 to work on two projects. We are planning on pouring a volunteer fire house foundation and floor and building a security wall for an orphanage. The firehouse we are hoping to begin building is on the compound of the Grace International Ministries, (Pastor Joel Jeune) which has a church and orphanage in the Carrefour district of Port Au Prince. Pastor Juene is working with the help of the “Smile Of A Child” organization to build a children's hospital on their property and the volunteer fire department we are helping to build will protect the hospital as well as the surrounding community. We also will be supporting a team from Calvary Chapel of Anaheim, California who will be installing radio stations for Pastor Juene and Pastor Marcel Ternival.



The orphanage we intend to work on is in Jacmel, a beautiful location on the Caribbean . The orphanage is operated by Pastor Daniel and Marlaine Alix, who are housing many children with very little support from the outside world. They are in severe need of a wall around their compound, which even though far from the chaos of Port Au Prince suffers problems from thieves and other evil doers. In order to accomplish these tasks we will need considerable financial support, as we have more or less completely depleted our resources while serving in New Orleans these last 7 months. We are asking all to pray for our financial provision and our safety as we travel and work in God's fields.


Haitian Orphan Girls

If you feel led to join us in our work in Haiti , please let us know at once. There is work for all, from mixing cement to cooking to cuddling orphans, so we are asking all to please allow God to work in their hearts regarding joining us. Costs to participate include about $700 in air fare and $30/day for room and board. Participants are welcome to come for all or part of the 2 week. trip.


Haitian Market Scene


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