Our Needs

**Immediate Needs **

We urgently are in immediate need of the following items in order to pursue our current priority goals;

*Funding for vehicle insurance. Our disaster relief convoy is maintained and ready to deploy but unfortunately all of the vehicles are out of service due to lack of funds for required insurance.

* Large Tent. We are currently seeking a large tent (minimum 3,000 sq ft) or funding for same to use as a dining hall in our disaster relief efforts.


Our organization needs your support in these important ways

1) Prayer; We ask that you pray for us as we go about the business of "Serving People Who Serve God". Our needs are many but our God is great and we are moving forward with confidence in his provision.

2) Financial Support; We have both ongoing and one time expenses, including vehicle maintenance, insurance, health insurance and other costs for our full time staff, aircraft restoration expenses and equipment acquisition expenses. If you are led to help us in any of these areas we would be grateful for your support.

3) Volunteers; We operate almost entirely with volunteer labor, and are always in need of any willing hands, no previous experience necessary! We are of course always anxious to obtain the help of skilled workers, including tradesmen of all kinds and particularly licensed aircraft mechanics, pilots, and also truck drivers with a current CDL. We invite any Type Rated DC-4 pilots to contact us, as well as A & P licensed mechanics with round engine experience.

4) Equipment; We are currently in need of numerous pieces of equipment including but not limited to;


Spray Paint Equipment

Forklift (minimum lift 3,500 lbs, preferably rough terrain)

Aircraft, any size (preferably with current airworthiness)

Refrigerated box truck or trailer, under 26,000 GVW.

Portable Welder

RV type enclosed silent Propane Generator, 6KW minimum

RV type enclosed silent Diesel Generator, 6KW minimum

20 foot enclosed cargo trailer to turn into a kitchen support unit.

1 or 2 Metal building(s) 50' X 100' +/-

portable hand washing unit(s)

10 or 12 foot enclosed cargo trailer

Laptop computer and desktop computer (Pentium IV or above please) for office use.

Note that we are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit listed with the IRS and any donations are tax deductible, Contact your accountant for complete information on this subject.