Announcing New Property!


We are praising God this month for “expanding our boundaries” by providing us with a wonderful 10 acre piece of land with a 4 bedroom house. The property is near a desert mountain preserve in the vicinity of Maricopa Arizona, approximately 45 minutes from the Phoenix metropolitan area. With this addition to our ministry we no longer have to struggle with finding places to park our expanded fleet of vehicles, and we will be able to build housing for volunteers who are coming to work with us by the Grace of God. Of course this means that the financial burden on our little ministry is dramatically increased, with everything from new construction to insurance to added utility bills etc, but we are going forward with great confidence that God will provide!

In addition to the new property we have had a flatbed 1 ton truck donated which we will be able to use as a water truck for our mobile kitchen/ disaster relief convoy. We have already obtained a large water tank and generator and even a freezer to turn this truck into a great piece of ministry support equipment.The biggest news of all (we think) is that with these new additions the Lord is leading us to get involved in areas of his kingdom that are new to us, specifically supporting ministries that are working with local kids, especially foster kids, handicapped kids and youth at risk. We are going to start out by offering local ministries that work with these populations the free use of our equipment and staff to provide campout and numerous other recreational activities for the kids. Eventually we intend to obtain financial help to put a horse ranch, a pool, and numerous other amenities on our property so that it can function as a Christian day camp available to ministries that support disadvantaged youth without charge. We are praying that churches and other organizations and individuals will feel led to support us in this exciting new work, so please help us spread the word!

Other views of the new property

One additional note is that our planned trip to Haiti is on hold due to lack of donations for this project, we are praying that the Lord would make it clear to us by his provision when this project should go forward.

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