Our Equipment


Our Truck & Trailer

One of our primary missions is to provide support and transportation to other ministries. We have a Ford F-550 (a 5 ton puller truck), an F-350 truck (not pictured), a 20 foot enclosed trailer and a 24 ft flatbed trailer that we use to transport ministry goods around the country, often for trans-shipment to overseas ministries. In addition we are blessed to have a mobile kitchen on wheels, a 14 passenger van and a 24 passenger recreational vehicle/converted school bus that we use to transport and house our crews. We provide these services without charge, but we do ask that the organizations we support help us to defray the cost of fuel and drivers expenses (food, lodging etc)whenever possible.


Flatbed Trailer

We are hoping that you will consider that to provide this vital service to God's workers we need financial support in order to obtain maintenance, insurance and the other related costs of operating our ground transport vehicles.

Our mobile kitchen cooking meals for residents and aid workers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.


Available Aircraft

C-54 aircraft

We intend to operate cargo and passenger aircraft in the (hopefully) not too distant future to support God's workers in the field. We have access to several C-54 aircraft and are praying that God will show us the proper way to utilize these aircraft which are capable of delivering 20,000 lbs of cargo at a time to much shorter runways than most aircraft that size.