Update #3 From Lake Charles & New Orleans

Well, here we are, having now had the privilege of serving God in two disaster zones at once, still praising the Lord and still cutting apart downed trees and handing out food! Our Wings Of Love team is now separated into two groups, one working with the relief ships in Gretna, next to downtown New Orleans, and one at the FriendShips headquarters in the still closed city of Lake Charles Louisiana.

The story in Lake Charles is downed trees, and lots of them. That may not seem too drastic, but in fact the city is made nearly uninhabitable due to a complete loss of electrical power, combined with many streets being impassible. There is no source of food, water or ice anywhere except 3 distribution points in the city, one of which is operated by the Friend Ships ministry we are working with. People stream in all day long asking for vinyl for their damaged roofs, water and ice, and hot meals, which are otherwise simply not available. We pray with nearly every person we help, and God gets the glory at all times!

The situation is quite desperate indeed for the poor and/or disabled who have no means to clear the trees so our team from Wings Of Love has been hitting the streets, assisting those who are otherwise unable to help themselves with clearing trees from yards and porches, providing for themselves, etc. The work is hot and tiring, but we are enjoying ourselves, and the heartfelt thanks we receive from the people here warms our hearts each time.

Pulling downed trees from a yard in Lake Charles

Street scene in Lake Charles

Most of our team is due to finish their two week commitment at the end of this coming week, so we are praying that at least 5 more volunteers would step forward to join with us doing God's work here in Louisiana around October 8th. The situation here is unlike any in the recent history of our nation, both in terms of physical need and spiritual opportunity, and we would love for more of those back home to experience it for themselves. Much of the work is physically demanding, and the some of the comforts most of us are used to are absent, but God is present, and all else seems less important!

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating with us here, and don't require much in the way of creature comforts, we would love to talk to you about it! Interested parties can email or phone us at the addresses below.

Here are some pictures of our recent activities, if you would like to see images from previous reports click here.

Wood fired cooking in Lake Charles, and a house damaged by Hurricane Rita near our base.


Jonathan Sloma manning the vinyl distribution center in Lake Charles, our trailer in background  

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