Update #4 From Lake Charles & New Orleans

The news from Louisiana is that for many areas life is slowly returning to an appearance of normality, if you don't count the many downed trees, missing roofs and downed or twisted billboards. At the same time many are still without power and of course many have no homes to return to at all. Much has been made in the media about the barbaric behavior seen after the storm(s), but we have observed only the opposite; neighbor helping neighbor, towns and cities coming together as never before, and a real reaching out to God and each other for help and comfort. The literally thousands of volunteers from around the country and around the world are working tirelessly, along with armies of power company workers, tradesmen of all kinds, and of course government and military personnel to begin the long process of making Louisiana livable again. The heartfelt thanks of the local people are expressed every day in many ways, and in this edition we at Wings Of Love Ministry want to convey those thanks to you, our supporters, for helping to make it possible by your continued prayers and financial support.

We are now taking our first break as a ministry since Labor day, The latest team has returned to Arizona and Mike is resting there for a week before the next team departs, on Saturday the 15th. That team will be in Louisiana for a week, after which we may need to bring operations to a halt due to a lack of funds and volunteers. We are praying for more of both of these crucial items, as we would like our work to continue for at least another month, but only time will tell if this is to be or not.


Elderly woman's home in Lake Charles prior to cleanup.

Cleanup underway!

The tree is gone, the job is done!

For the last two weeks we have mostly been focused on removing trees from houses and yards in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. There are hundreds of professional services operating in the area to accomplish exactly that, but for the poor, the elderly, the disabled or simply those who are far back on the long waiting lists, the need for our services is quite pressing. When we help a elderly widow, or a disabled person their gratitude is genuine, and for those instances when we help a wealthier individual or family, it creates an interest in who we are and who we serve that gives opportunities to witness which are not commonly available in our nation.

Next week's team will be back in New Orleans, where the work is expected to involve sorting, warehousing and distribution of food, water and supplies to returning residents.

Again, thanks for your support, and please pass the word to all that more workers are needed in Louisiana, where we cannot guarantee comfort, but we can guarantee that you will experience a wonderful work of God first hand!

Lake Charles resident reading from the book of Job to put his experiences in perspective


The team in "the jungle", a disabled woman's back yard in Lake Charles.

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