Update #5 From New Orleans & Lake Charles

This week our team has returned to the New Orleans area. We have been blessed by the opportunity to go door to door in Gretna, Louisiana taking a survey of the needs of the citizens, and responding as best we are able to those needs. While we bring physical goods to the people we also witness and share the Gospel to all who will listen, which is a significant number. In addition we have been able to spend some time in the Friend Ships distribution center in City Park of New Orleans, where thousands of workers from across the nation are camped out while engaged in cleaning and repairing the city. We have been able to minister to both local residents and the workers with hot meals, clothing, and most importantly witnessing and prayer

Surveying residents and delivering supplies in Gretna Louisiana

450 peanut butter sandwiches in 45 minutes!

We were also blessed but yet saddened to get a chance to witness the destruction in the 9 th ward and other neighborhoods in New Orleans and some of the images of these places are included below. Many of the pictures are really rather shocking and will give you an opportunity to begin to understand what has taken place here from the perspective of what can be seen over a month after the storm. While some parts of the city and state and surrounding states are returning to a state of semi-normality, others continue to be in a state of complete devastation.

The team that was here this week has now returned to Arizona , and a new team from Canada is arriving on Wednesday for two weeks, for which we praise God.

This week the director of our ministry, Mike Clow, has felt led to write a paper entitled “In such a time as this” which we think goes a long way towards explaining why we think its important for individuals and ministries to respond to this and other disasters that the Lord in his wisdom is allowing to take place. It is available on our website and we strongly recommend that you read and disseminate this document to pastors and lay people alike if you feel its message is worth repeating.

A van left on a fence by floodwaters and a ruined Subway Restaurant interior, the mud on the floor is dried sewage.

This house floated into the street, half of it was demolished to clear the street, the other half remains. This type of sight is not very uncommon in the 9th ward.

Incredibly, this house was turned on its side by floodwaters, this is a view of the house bottom.


A collapsed house in the 9th ward.


Our team looks inside a ruined church at mold, mud, ruined furnishings and carpet

A mural in the same church, notice the mold marking the high water line, and the chair tangled in the ruined video camera

An empty neighborhood, abandoned houses, ruined cars.

More of the same neighborhood, everything in the picture was submerged and is completely ruined.

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