Update #6 From New Orleans & South Florida  

Incredibly enough this week has seen our ministry involved in our third hurricane disaster response of the year.

We were asked by the Friend Ships ministry to provide our truck and trailer to support a feeding ministry to a migrant farm worker community called Belle Glade , Florida . This community was not receiving enough supplies following the hit by Hurricane Wilma, so we were gratefully received, even though our arrival was somewhat delayed by being so involved in two other hurricane responses. We also found ourselves doing quite a bit of children's ministry as the kids were not in school but the parents tended to be away at work all day.

Damaged Mobile Homes in Belle Glade , Florida


Feeding Ministry at Hurricane Wilma aftermath


Mike Clow gets extra volunteers at dishwashing, and cutting tomatoes with a smile!

The effort in Florida is now finished, and the entire team is currently in New Orleans , where the volunteers from the Fountain Church in Canada have been diligently working for two weeks, supporting the cooking, cleanup and outreach efforts. We have been greatly blessed to have this team and they will be sorely missed. We have been organizing the neighborhood outreach program which has caused us to visit many more neighborhoods around New Orleans . The following pictures were taken last week around the 17th street and London canal breaches.

An important piece of news for all to consider is that we have now set dates for the next team to work in New Orleans . We are planning a trip over the Thanksgiving Holiday, which is admittedly not a time most people think of committing to disaster recovery, but the circumstances and opportunities are unique this year, so we are praying that some of you out there feel God's calling to participate. The dates are November 22nd through December 2nd , but it is not considered necessary for all team members to attend for exactly those dates. Ground transportation will be provided in at least one direction from Arizona for those who wish to utilize it. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity to serve with us please contact us as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements. As always room and board (not plush accommodations mind you) are provided at no charge.


Dinner line at the “Jesus Cares And So Do We” distribution center in City Park , New Orleans


ScoobeeDo toy in a flood damaged house. Most homes were not insured for flooding, so it is possible that no one will ever return.

There are many new images in the photo gallery this week so be sure to take a look at them if you have a moment.

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